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21 March 2015 @ 08:52 pm
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21 March 2015 @ 08:12 pm
IC Inbox @[community profile] consignment

This is an IC post for getting a hold of jerkface here @[community profile] consignment. Please leave a date in the subject line, thanks!
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20 March 2015 @ 04:54 pm
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Prince "Kayne Mecha-Yeezus Arnold West" Vegeta
07 December 2014 @ 04:58 pm
12th Taunt | Action  
Hey! Get me out of here! What are you doing?!!!

[Are the words floating inside of your head. Something is yelling at you, but who knows where's it's coming from? Maybe it's from inside your cupboard. Or you're crushing it underneath your butt as you sit down on your couch, or you roll over on it when you turn in your bed.

Maybe it's been dropped into your pot of water that you're thinking about heating up soon for your dinner, and you are now threatening to boil it alive.

Or maybe something less dangerous, like in your pocket or backpack. Either way, it's found its way into your life somehow, and boy is that thing angry. Real angry. Upon inspection, or finding said thing, you'll find a frog. A mean, nasty, angry frog who's suffered from a shift occurring inside the village. Seems the only power he's retained is his telepathy, thankfully. Sort of. Depends if you want to hear the guy or not.]

Find a way to fix this immediately!

[Find him anywhere you want. Being a frog sucks, but the prince doesn't really have a choice in the matter. If you happen to be the kind of person who would kiss a frog, just like the children's tale, maybe he'll turn back into a prince.]
Prince "Kayne Mecha-Yeezus Arnold West" Vegeta
25 August 2014 @ 07:38 pm
11th Taunt | Action  
Introspection )



[In the morning, he's headed right for the Clothing Shop, getting new pants for the moment with holes in it for his tail. On the way, he seems to be walking normally, tail bobbing behind him, but he's still a little wobbly. So much that out of the blue, he loses his balance...and crashes, right into you. Or maybe he didn't crash into you, maybe you were just walking by when he started to faceplant and his tail instinctively just wrapped around your arm and took you with him on accident. Or maybe he's hanging onto you by his tail because you are heavy enough not to get dragged down.]


[All that shopping has made him sort of hungry, so he heads to Seventh Heaven to get a bite to eat, mowing down food like a vacuum. But it won't go without something happening on the way there. That book you were reading, the coffee you were drinking, or whatever it is you've got, there's a tail wrapping around it trying to thieve it right out of your hands. He doesn't know his tail is doing that, but it's doing its own bit of exploring and wrapping around things. The Malnosso couldn't let him go home without a little bit of mischief, after all.]


[After all is said and done, he's going right to the Battle Dome to test things out. Inside, those who frequent the Dome would find that the man with the golden hair isn't there today- instead there's a man covered in red fur, wild brown hair, and looking quite simian instead of human. He's going through his drills, for speed and strength, taking advantages of the shifts placed on the walls to test out the power of his ki blasts, rocking the room inside. He's coming out every hour to reset the simulation, keeping the form up. He's taller, by a grand total of two more inches, setting him at a towering 5'7''.

Though there is a point in time where he's reverted back to his base form, and he's...latched his tail in what looks like a clamp. And he's leaning forward, using his body weight to pull on it almost as if he's trying to stretch his tail. Either way, it looks painful, especially when he screams in pain, gritting his teeth. What is he doing? Who knows.]
Prince "Kayne Mecha-Yeezus Arnold West" Vegeta
05 July 2014 @ 08:50 pm
10th Taunt | Video (Backdated to July 1st)  
[He's not going to beat around the bush. When the video pops on, it's clear Vegeta is in his workout clothing, in the Battle Dome, and looking HORRIBLY ANGRY because SOMEONE has been pranking him for the past week with Justin Beiber.]

Alright, I'm only going to say this once. Whoever the prankster is that continues to play that hideous music during my training sessions is going to pay with their life. When I find you, I'm going to rip both of those arms of yours right out of their sockets.

And if any one of you know who it is, you had best tell me now. I might even consider letting you get out of this scot-free if you turn in the clown that continues to elude me.

[And with that, he slams the journal shut in anger. He'll check it again later that night, when he's cooled down a bit.]
Prince "Kayne Mecha-Yeezus Arnold West" Vegeta
12 June 2014 @ 05:37 pm
9th Taunt | Video/Action  
Cut for introspection )


[The video feed flickers on, revealing the face of the prince, looking as serious as ever. He gets straight to the point.]

I must know. For those of you who are in contact with the spirits here, what use do you find in their power? Especially in combat. I might even have the patience to listen to a story or two regarding that, as I find it incredibly important in this matter. [He glances off to the side, knowing how this goes in Luceti.]

I know some of you would prefer to speak in person about such things. I'll be at Mythoria Café later tonight. But I won't stay long.


[As always, he's easily found. During the day, either at House 29 or the Battle Dome training, with both his sword or with his abilities. He does keep his word, appearing at Mythoria Café after he's done training and showered for the day.]
Prince "Kayne Mecha-Yeezus Arnold West" Vegeta
25 January 2014 @ 01:30 pm
8.5th...Taunt | Fourth Wall!  
[Waking up as normal on the weekend as he always does, getting ready in the morning and heading out for another grueling day of training brought a surprise.

One that now, for some reason, he remembered from last year. A whole bunch of people he doesn't want to talk to but oh guess what, they're going to bug him anyway. But this year it's a little different for him. There might be quite a few irritants running amok, but he's got his eyes out this year. For more people from home. Curiosity killed the cat, so instead of training for eight to twelve hours today, he decides to cut it a little short at six and then make himself available in the village.

As always, he can be found at the Battle Dome, doing a usual training routine, and then doing more work with his sword that he's taken up to learning to fight with recently. He can be interrupted in between breaks, or during his training with his sword- but be wary, there are explosions that are rocking the entire building!

Afterwards he makes his way to Seventh Heaven to get a meal. It's far easier to spot people at a place like that, and holy cosmos does he have a ton of food in front of him. Piles and piles of it. And needless to say Vegeta is tearing through it, plates being emptied faster than you can blink. But yet, still managing to eat it somewhat gracefully. Somewhat being a relative term here.

Or, he can be found anywhere in the square in the main part of Luceti, around the Item Shop, Grocery Store, Blacksmith and Clothing Shop, among others, leaning up against a building and watching some of the crazy go down. Making notes of people he'd like to stay the heck away from just in case they pop up here later. Run in to him here, figuratively or literally, to bug him if you want.

Later in the evening, to relax he heads to the Hot Springs. Because hopefully here he can get away from the masses, because let's face it, it's given him a giant headache.

Or, create your own adventure.]
Prince "Kayne Mecha-Yeezus Arnold West" Vegeta
17 January 2014 @ 10:45 pm
8th Taunt | Video  
[The video snaps on to reveal a parlor, a doorway behind the young blue-haired girl leading into the living room of the home that it had been built onto. A faint crackle of a fireplace resonates throughout the room, chairs positioned around a central table. The location of many a Fashion Club meeting, its use today was for something similar, but certainly not of the norm. Today, an important announcement was to be had, as well as an example to fashion that everyone should take note of.]

Hey everyone! I just wanted to show off something I made for a minute. Also, thanks so much to Hikaru for the sewing and fashion design lessons. If anyone wants something really gorgeous, you should totally go to Hikaru and Kaoru.

[She motions off-screen, although the person she’s trying to send some sort of signal to isn’t in view yet.] first experiment in men’s fashion!

[She makes a little face when her signal isn’t responded to right away. Someone has missed his cue.]

C’mon Dad! You promised!

Alright, alright.

[From the side, he walks in, not quite looking dejected, but pretty close- hands in his pockets and looking away grouchily as he stands next to her. There’s an obvious bit of embarrassment in Vegeta’s face, but then again, it could be worse. And well, he did think he looked pretty good in the outfit she’s made for him.]

Thanks, Dad.

[Bulla is proud of her first successful attempt at making men’s clothing that doesn’t fit weirdly. She managed to go right from design, to making a simple pattern, and this is the end result. The outfit in question is a white turtleneck that’s fitted without being skin tight, complete with khaki pants, a belt, and a necklace.]

I didn’t make the necklace or the belt, but I did make the sweater and pants myself. So, Dad? How does it feel? It’s comfortable, right?

[He looks over to her, flushing lightly at the question. What, he’s got to give his opinion on this too? He didn’t sign up for this, at least he didn’t remember agreeing to such a thing. He was supposed to wear the darn thing, be done with it, and go about his business.]

It’s a shirt and pants, and they fit, I guess. I don’t see what’s so special about it.

[He folds his arms over his chest, the feel of the necklace irritating him further. He’s never worn one in his life and he can’t believe this was the start of it. Was this really fashionable for males to wear on Earth? How absurd.]

[Bulla whirls around with her hands on her hips.]

Dad! You don’t have to make it sound like it’s a chore. You could have just agreed that it’s comfortable.

Ah-! Fine, fine! [He picks at the sleeve uncomfortably.] None of it is uncomfortable to wear, and this turtleneck actually fits me in the shoulders and arms for a change, unlike that ridiculous clothing the Earthlings make back at home. There, is that what you were looking for?

[Bulla smiles and nods. She’s not going to expect him to talk about how great the clothes are. Just a little bit of public praise rather than grumping about it not being special is all she really wanted. The fact that he’s willing to support her interest is the more important thing overall.]

Thanks, Dad. That’s much better. I think we’re almost done here. But first I want to know what everyone thinks of my first try at men’s fashion! Your feedback is appreciated, everyone.

((OoC:  Responses will come from both Vegeta and Bulla!))
Prince "Kayne Mecha-Yeezus Arnold West" Vegeta
16 October 2013 @ 07:20 pm
7th Taunt | Video/Action  

[Hey, look, he's back with another subject that he's getting real sick and tired of explaining to people. That and after all the crap that's happened to him in the past few months, maybe it wouldn't be such a bad idea to let people know, especially after a conversation he had with Cliff recently.]

Now I'm only going to explain this to the lot of you once. Now watch.

[He's out next to a sheer cliff, at the base of the mountain range. The camera is set on top of another rock, as to show the Saiyan Prince with his hand raised and aiming toward the rock wall- and as soon as it's raised, a blast of energy decimates the wall with a loud boom, leaving it as a rocky heap, the dust slowly settling. Vegeta hasn't flinched, and is coming back to pick up his journal again. This may also give away exactly who was responsible for all those explosions that were heard from last week, if people are smart enough to put two and two together.]

Now, with enough diligent training and meditation, which you should be doing anyway, any of you can do that. It's a simple matter of controlling your energy, but if you're not physically fit enough you're not going to be able to do it. In fact, I'd be surprised if even one percent of you manage to be able to achieve even a fraction of the same destructive force I possess. Either way, that might be something you'll all want to start aiming for. And if you're too weak to fight? Fix it.

Now don't misunderstand me. I'm not looking to pick up students. But if you think you can handle it? Then come find me. We'll see what you're made of.

Private to Firo:

Boy, you've stayed hidden long enough. I've got someone for you to meet.

Private to Cliff:

I do believe you and I have things to discuss yet. I'll not have you jumping me anymore with those pathetic attacks of yours, we're fixing that.

Private to Saori:

If you want to see how it's done, I'll be in the Battle Dome the rest of the day. Don't be late.


[As promised, he'll be at the Battle Dome if anyone decides to try to seek him out. He'll be actually in a chamber, training in a complete power suppressed simulation, working on his battōjutsu that he's taken up learning. Otherwise, those who know where to find him at home can find him at House 29.]
Prince "Kayne Mecha-Yeezus Arnold West" Vegeta
18 June 2013 @ 08:19 am
6th Taunt | Video  
[It's been a few days since Father's Day. And he got a really nice surprise from his daughter that he never thought possible. Bulla training and honing her skills and power, it really meant something to him; so he's flipping his journal open now since Luceti played a large part of it. He's not even angry this time.]

It's come to my attention that a good number of you had a hand in the gift I received over the weekend. I will say I'm impressed- the lot of you have done the impossible with my daughter Bulla and it most certainly paid off. So for that...[His voice trails off, since saying these sorts of things isn't exactly natural to him.] For that I am grateful. I know a good portion of the time we are safe inside this barrier, but you must understand that I worry for her safety regardless.

So I suppose this is the part where I ask something else not so specific. The gift I received was for your Earthling holiday Father's Day. I've never put much stock in such things, but this last weekend certainly has changed my mind about it a little. Is this something you also observe in your own worlds? And if so, what is it that you've done or would do that you would consider worthy of your father?
Prince "Kayne Mecha-Yeezus Arnold West" Vegeta
15 April 2013 @ 01:24 pm
5th Taunt | Voice/Action  
[It's been a little over a week now since Vegeta's disappearance, and thankfully for him at the moment they've decided to simply dump him in the woods where no one can see him.

Or rather, her.]

Introspection )


[Ok. He's female now. It's fine. Wait no it's not fine. It's not fine, no no no no no it's awful and it's horrible. This will not be permanent, but who knows how long this will last. One small problem does he dress himself? He mulls over that in his head, it couldn't be that bad. The pants and shirt aren't hard, but...underwear? Bras? He's simply got no clue, he doesn't know what size he is anymore in the hips and he definitely doesn't know his bust. Perhaps he should ask his family.

No, that is a horrible idea, give them more fuel for the fire to make fun of him relentlessly. He can dress himself without their help. However his attempts at finding something that fits is a complete failure so far. And he can't wear his Saiyan armor, he wore it in the draft and many different people saw him in it. The last thing he wants is people to figure out who he is.

He could ask Luceti? They won't know the difference, will they? And he does not feel bad about deceiving anyone on the matter either. He cannot believe he is going this far, but to him it's better than having yet another thing on the plate to be made fun of at home. So he's going to choose voice for this one.]

Luceti, let me ask you this. In what way here have you found it easiest to shop for appropriate attire, including your undergarments? I know this may sound strange but where I am from we had a uniform and armor that we all wore as we were constantly in and out of battle at any given moment. [Yes, that sounded generic enough. Playing the military card, and it wasn't really that much of a lie either. But he will lie if he has to, for the love of the universe.] So as you can imagine this is quite new to me. [Except the whole part where it's not, only for the fact that he can't figure out how to put on a damn bra. Girls, help him!]


Clothing Shop
[He'll be attempting to find himself something other than the New Feather dress he's got on, and he needs to try to find undergarments as well- have fun running into him there.]

Seventh Heaven/Around the Square
[He'll be heading over to the restaurant, since he's also starving, so after the dilemma of wearing the appropriate clothing is sorted out he's heading over there. He'll be in the plaza before he gets lunch to mull over how he's going to return home to his wife and child to face the music.]

Battle Dome
[No matter what gender he is he'll still train like usual that night in the dome, if you'd prefer to meet him there.]

House 29
[Mostly for Goku, Bulla and Bulma if they choose this spot to meet him, but if you know where he lives and want to drop by he'll be there as well.]

((OoC: Yeah, Vegeta's been turned into a girl. Karma's a bitch right? So responses will be coming from [personal profile] doesntneedsaving!))
Prince "Kayne Mecha-Yeezus Arnold West" Vegeta
28 February 2013 @ 09:24 pm
4th Taunt | Video/Action  

[In the last few months after arriving in Luceti, Vegeta (somehow) has managed to meet a variety of the inhabitants, somehow miraculously making "friends" and creating enemies alike, but he's noticed one common theme among almost every person he's come across.

This absolutely strange obsession everyone seems to have with his hair.

Which today, has prompted the Saiyan Prince to angrily express himself on the matter.]

Listen. I know most of you may not know me, but if we cross paths- yes, this is my actual hair. [He turns his head so the video can clearly catch all of his anti-gravity mop.] It's not held up by any artificial means, it's not a wig. I don't use this "industrial style hair gel" some speak of, I don't blow dry it to perfection, and I certainly have no intention of letting any of you try to brush it, comb it, touch it, or otherwise come near my hair to satisfy your curiosity.

A Saiyan's hair does not change from the moment they are born. I've always had this hair, though I have cut it to this length to match earthling hair, as it was much longer in the past. [His daughter made him cut it. It was nerdy.]

So I don't want to hear anything more about it, from anyone, or I'll be more than happy to blast you.


[He's going to either be at home in Community House 3, at Seventh Heaven getting a meal, or training at the Battle Dome, if you'd prefer to run into him instead.]
Prince "Kayne Mecha-Yeezus Arnold West" Vegeta
04 February 2013 @ 04:49 pm
3rd Taunt | Action, A Mallynap Backdated to Feb 2nd  
[On the night of the 2nd, after finally finishing his routine training at the Battle Dome, Vegeta's finally decided to turn in and get some much needed rest. Unfortunately that doesn't last long- the droids come for him that night, because it's finally his turn to experience being experimented on.

They don't keep him long though, only a 24 hour mallynap; and he's dumped right outside the village, sore, but fine. He won't tell anyone because it's quite humiliating for him, being that he couldn't do anything to the Malnosso during his visit.]

[But he's acting a little strange ever since the mallynap. Those who've met him already know he's got a pretty sour disposition most of the time, and doesn't like to be bothered. However when he's out in the village, he encounters people in the shops or around the square, like someone dropping a bag and asking him to pick it up for them, and he does without question, or some cheery woman telling him to smile, which he also responds to, smiling back at her for just a second until he catches himself and scowls once again. He wasn't happy at all, but for some reason, his mouth just did whatever it wanted.

He has no idea why this is happening, but his body is doing whatever it wants, but more specifically, whatever other people tell him or ask him to do. It doesn't seem to have affected his personality, and he's completely aware of what's going on, but he's almost powerless to stop it.

He can be seen anywhere in the village, reacting to these kind of encounters. The plaza, Seventh Heaven, the Battle Dome, or in the clothing shop. Anyone who's met him knows something's up, and anyone who doesn't know him well...they might find out if they start asking the right questions.]

Cut for OoC notes )
Prince "Kayne Mecha-Yeezus Arnold West" Vegeta
26 January 2013 @ 02:43 pm
2nd Taunt | This is Absolutely Ludicrous....4th Wall  
[If anything it's the amount of noise from all these people suddenly appearing that's really got him on edge, and it was bad enough he had to go out to run some errands for himself today in the village, grumbling angrily to himself.]

[He can be found in the plaza around the shops, at the diner Seventh Heaven, doing what a Saiyan does best- eating! Or he'll be at the Battle Dome training as per the usual later that night.]
Prince "Kayne Mecha-Yeezus Arnold West" Vegeta
11 January 2013 @ 03:14 pm
1st Taunt | Voice/Action  

[His clothing had finally arrived, and Vegeta's streaking through the sky, a blue trail of energy in his wake. He finally reaches the shop in a huff, catching himself with a left foot and balancing with a right as he lands.]

[Inside, he's berating the poor person running the shop-]

You-! Are my belongings finally in stock in this pathetic little dump you call a store!?

[He soon after stomps out, clothing in hand, reaching the middle of the square. But he doesn't take off right away, still brooding over his arrival in Luceti.]

[In fact, throws his clothes down onto the ground in a rage and takes out the journal he'd woken up with a few days prior.]

[During his short voice entry, he searches his back and finds his wing, still yelling into the device, yanking on it with teeth gritted. He falls to his knees, face completely blue as the shining ocean itself and is desperately trying to hold back vomiting as a few feathers or so float down beside him.]

[He'll be there for a short while before he regains the strength to stand up and walk again, back to his apartment.]


Listen, I don't know exactly why I've found myself here, but I am tired of this ridiculous game. I demand I be returned back to West City before I decide that I'm going to get some therapy from blasting someone. And these ludicrous wings-! They can't be removed, huh? Well we'll see about that!

[A groan and the ruffle of feathers- followed by a cry out as he's reaching back and yanking on the wing on his left side. Over the audio there's a thud and the sound of a throat holding back what one could probably assume was his lunch.]

Argh! You can' serious...!
Prince "Kayne Mecha-Yeezus Arnold West" Vegeta
04 January 2013 @ 08:57 am
Luceti Application  
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Prince "Kayne Mecha-Yeezus Arnold West" Vegeta
01 January 2013 @ 05:38 pm
Timeline/Plot Info/Character Info for [community profile] luceti  
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Prince "Kayne Mecha-Yeezus Arnold West" Vegeta
01 January 2013 @ 05:23 pm
Thread Tracking @[community profile] luceti  
I'm missing a lot between January and July, I'm trying to find threads slowly. The rest should be good? I hope. My own posts aren't included in here ofc.

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